The internet remembers

Is something I will remember from now on.

We have all heard of stories from students posting silly things during their ‘wild’ years. Silly things that keep following them into adulthood when they start looking for a job.

But how can this ‘memory’ affect customer interaction and customer experience?

Well, I have actually learnt from making the following mistake myself. Here’s how it goes.

You have an excellent idea for a promo.

You promote it via e-mail marketing, on facebook, via twitter…

And you’ve made a special landing page and promo code. So far so good.

The promotion is temporary, and so is the promocode.

When the promotional period is over, the promocode and landing page are disactivated.

Nothing wrong, right? Wrong! Suddenly, three months after the promo was finished someone came across my tweet, obviously liked the tweet, and retweeted.

But then when he/she, and others followed the short url… there was no landing page and no promo.

Conclusion: it was a good tweet, a good promo, but these last visitors clearly did not have a positive experience.

So take this into account, and make sure that when the internet remembers, you have something to tell.